RCW 79.155.090

Use of revenue produced on community forest trust lands.

(1) Any revenue produced on community forest trust lands must be allocated as follows:
(a) All costs incurred by the department in managing the parcel must be fully reimbursed; and
(b) After the department's management costs are reimbursed, any remaining revenue must then be prioritized to fulfill the management objectives for the specific parcel as identified in the postacquisition management plan developed under RCW 79.155.080 consistent with the management principles outlined in RCW 79.155.030.
(2)(a) If, by the determination of the board, there is revenue remaining in any given biennium after fulfilling the requirements of subsection (1) of this section, then the board has the discretion to reimburse any local entities' eligible financial contributions for acquisition of the parcel under RCW 79.155.070(2) and any state contribution to the acquisition of the parcel up to an amount that represents fifty percent of the difference between the parcel's original appraised fair market value and the parcel's timber and forestland value. However, any funds used as part of the local contribution may not be reimbursed if the funds were originally provided through a state or federal grant, provided through a fully compensated transfer of development rights at fair market value, or provided by a donation of funds or property.
(b) If the board decides to reimburse the state and local contribution, then it must allocate the reimbursement so that fifty percent is provided to the state general fund and fifty percent is provided to any eligible partnering local entities.
(c) Nothing in this section creates an expectation, requirement, or fiduciary duty for the board or the associated community forest trust lands to generate revenue in excess of amounts as provided in subsection (1)(a) of this section.
[ 2014 c 32 § 5; 2011 c 216 § 9.]