RCW 79.155.120

Establishing community forest districts/local working forest districtsTechnical assistance grants.

(1) The commissioner may, if deemed practicable and beneficial by the commissioner, cooperate with interested local governments in establishing community forest districts or local working forest districts that are compatible with the goals identified in this chapter for the community forest trust. Cooperative districts would attempt to voluntarily synchronize the management of community forest trust lands, other public lands, and private lands located within a certain geographic area to further a common set of community goals. If a working forest district encompasses state lands or state forestlands, then their voluntary management to further a common set of community goals must be consistent with the department's fiduciary and other legal obligations to the trust, including the multiple use act in chapter 79.10 RCW.
(2)(a) The department may, in its sole discretion and if it deems sufficient funding to be available, provide technical assistance grants to local communities for the purpose of enabling or furthering the development of community forest management plans consistent with this chapter.
(b) This subsection does not create a private right of action.
[ 2011 c 216 § 12.]