PDFRCW 80.36.130

Published rates to be chargedExceptions.

(1) Except as provided in RCW 80.04.130 and 80.36.150, no telecommunications company shall charge, demand, collect or receive different compensation for any service rendered or to be rendered than the charge applicable to such service as specified in its schedule on file and in effect at that time, nor shall any telecommunications company refund or remit, directly or indirectly, any portion of the rate or charge so specified, nor extend to any person or corporation any form of contract or agreement or any rule or regulation or any privilege or facility except such as are specified in its schedule filed and in effect at the time, and regularly and uniformly extended to all persons and corporations under like circumstances for like or substantially similar service.
(2) No telecommunications company subject to the provisions of this title shall, directly or indirectly, give any free or reduced service or any free pass or frank for the transmission of messages by telecommunications between points within this state, except to its officers, employees, agents, pensioners, surgeons, physicians, attorneys-at-law, and their families, and persons and corporations exclusively engaged in charitable and eleemosynary work, and ministers of religion, Young Men's Christian Associations, Young Women's Christian Associations; to indigent and destitute persons, and to officers and employees of other telecommunications companies, railroad companies, and street railroad companies.
(3) The commission may accept a tariff that gives free or reduced rate services for a temporary period of time in order to promote the use of the services.
[ 1992 c 68 § 2; 1989 c 101 § 11; 1985 c 450 § 27; 1961 c 14 § 80.36.130. Prior: 1911 c 117 § 40; RRS § 10376. FORMER PART OF SECTION: 1929 c 96 § 1, part now codified in RCW 81.28.080.]