PDFRCW 80.36.332

Noncompetitive telecommunications companies, servicesMinimal regulation.

(1) A noncompetitive telecommunications company may petition to have packages or bundles of telecommunications services it offers be subject to minimal regulation. The commission shall grant the petition where:
(a) Each noncompetitive service in the packages or bundle is readily and separately available to customers at fair, just, and reasonable prices;
(b) The price of the package or bundle is equal to or greater than the cost for tariffed services plus the cost of any competitive services as determined in accordance with RCW 80.36.330(3); and
(c) The availability and price of the stand-alone noncompetitive services are displayed in the company's tariff and on its website consistent with commission rules.
(2) For purposes of this section, "minimal regulation" shall have the same meaning as under RCW 80.36.330.
(3) The commission may waive any regulatory requirement under this title with respect to packages or bundles of telecommunications services if it finds those requirements are no longer necessary to protect public interest.
[ 2007 c 26 § 2.]