PDFRCW 80.36.333

Price lists in effect before June 7, 2006Extension.

(1) Until June 30, 2007, a telecommunications company may continue to maintain on file with the commission any price list that, pursuant to RCW 80.36.100, 80.36.320, and 80.36.330, was on file and in effect before June 7, 2006. The price list is subject to the statutes and rules in effect immediately before June 7, 2006.
(2) The commission may, upon petition by a company with a price list on file before June 7, 2006, extend the deadline in subsection (1) of this section until June 30, 2008. The commission may approve an extension only if the petitioning company demonstrates that it cannot reasonably implement a replacement for its price list by June 30, 2007, and that the extension of time will not result in harm to customers or competition.
[ 2006 c 347 § 5.]