PDFRCW 80.36.370

Certain services not regulated.

The commission shall not regulate the following:
(1) One way broadcast or cable television transmission of television or radio signals;
(2) Private telecommunications systems;
(3) Telegraph services;
(4) Any sale, lease, or use of customer premises equipment except such equipment as is regulated on July 28, 1985;
(5) Private shared telecommunications services, unless the commission finds, upon notice and investigation, that customers of such services have no alternative access to local exchange telecommunications companies. If the commission makes such a finding, it may require the private shared telecommunications services provider to make alternative facilities or conduit space available on reasonable terms and conditions at reasonable prices;
(6) Radio communications services provided by a regulated telecommunications company, except that when those services are the only voice grade, local exchange telecommunications service available to a customer of the company the commission may regulate the radio communication service of that company.
[ 1990 c 118 § 1; 1985 c 450 § 9.]