PDFRCW 80.70.050

Independent qualified organizations with experience in mitigation activitiesCouncil oversightReports.

(1) The council shall maintain a list of independent qualified organizations with proven experience in emissions mitigation activities and a demonstrated ability to carry out their activities in an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective manner.
(2) An independent qualified organization shall not use more than twenty percent of the total funds for selection, monitoring, and evaluation of mitigation projects and the management and enforcement of contracts. None of these funds shall be used to lobby federal, state, and local agencies, their elected officials, officers, or employees.
(3) Before signing contracts to purchase offsets with funds from certificate holders or order of approval holders, an independent qualified organization must demonstrate to the council that the mitigation projects it proposes to use provides a reasonable certainty that the performance requirements of the carbon dioxide mitigation projects will be achieved.
(4) The independent qualified organization shall permit the council to appoint up to three persons to inspect plans, operation, and compliance activities of the organization and to audit financial records and performance measures for carbon dioxide mitigation projects using carbon dioxide mitigation money paid by certificate holders or order of approval holders under this chapter.
(5) An independent qualified organization must file biennial reports with the council, the department, or authority on the performance of carbon dioxide mitigation projects, including the amount of carbon dioxide reductions achieved and a statement of cost for the mitigation period.
[ 2004 c 224 § 5.]