RCW 81.24.080

Penalty for failure to pay feesDisposition of fees and penalties.

Every person, firm, company or corporation, or the officers, agents or employees thereof, failing or neglecting to pay the fees herein required shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. All fines and penalties collected under the provisions of this chapter shall be deposited into the public service revolving fund of the state treasury: PROVIDED, That all fees, fines, forfeitures and penalties collected or assessed by a district court because of the violation of a state law shall be remitted as provided in chapter 3.62 RCW as now exists or is later amended.
[ 1987 c 202 § 242; 1979 ex.s. c 198 § 2; 1961 c 14 § 81.24.080. Prior: 1923 c 107 § 2; 1921 c 113 § 3; RRS § 10419.]


Intent1987 c 202: See note following RCW 2.04.190.