PDFRCW 88.04.045

Application for inspectionInspection feeDeposit of fees.

(1) The owner of a vessel which does not have a current certificate of inspection or which has not previously been inspected by the department and which must be inspected by the department shall file an application for inspection, accompanied by the required fee, no later than sixty days before the scheduled or requested inspection date. A person filing an application shall certify by the person's signature that the information furnished on the application is true and correct.
(2) When the department inspects or provides for the inspection of any charter boat because the department has reasonable cause to believe either that a provision of this chapter has been violated or that an inspection is necessary to ensure the safety of persons or property, the owner shall not be required to pay an inspection fee for that inspection.
(3) When a twelve-month in-water inspection and a sixty-month drydock inspection are required in the same year, the owner shall only be required to pay the fee for the drydock inspection.
(4) All sums received from licenses, inspection fees, or other sources described in this chapter shall be deposited in the industrial insurance trust funds and shall be used for administrative, education, and enforcement costs associated with this chapter.
[ 1999 c 111 § 5; 1989 c 295 § 5.]