PDFRCW 88.04.330

Rule-making authority.

The department shall adopt by rule, under chapter 34.05 RCW:
(1) Procedures, standards, and fees for the licensing of operators of any vessel used as a charter boat, as defined under RCW 88.04.015, operating on state waters for rent, lease, or hire;
(2) Standards and fees for the inspection of vessels;
(3) Minimum safety and health standards for passengers and crew on board charter boats consistent with the rules adopted by the United States coast guard in 46 C.F.R., subchapter T, small passenger vessels under one hundred gross tons; and
(4) Any other rules needed for the efficient administration of the purposes of this chapter.
[ 1999 c 111 § 8; 1989 c 295 § 8; 1979 c 74 § 4.]