PDFRCW 88.16.115

Limiting liability of pilots and any countywide port district in Grays Harbor pilotage districtDeemed in public interest.

The preservation of human life and property associated with maritime commerce on the pilotage waters of this state is declared to be in the public interest, and the limitation and regulation of the liability of pilots licensed by the state of Washington, and of any countywide port district located partly or entirely within the Grays Harbor pilotage district as defined by RCW 88.16.050(2) authorized to provide pilotage services, is necessary to such preservation and is deemed to be in the public interest.
[ 2005 c 123 § 1; 1981 c 196 § 1.]


Report to legislature and governor1981 c 196: "Prior to January 5, 1983, the board of pilotage commissioners shall forward to the legislature and governor a report concerning the implementation of sections 1 through 3 of this act." [ 1981 c 196 § 4.]