PDFRCW 88.24.070

County acquisition by condemnation of right-of-way.

In cases where a person or persons, firm or corporation has acquired a right, title or interest in and to the tidelands or other lands over which it is proposed to build, construct or maintain such wharf or landing, whether such interest be a title in fee simple or as lessee or under contract of purchase or otherwise, and the board of county commissioners shall be unable to agree with the person, persons, firm or corporation claiming such interest or title as to the compensation to be paid for the taking of such strip of tidelands or other lands, then and in that case such board of county commissioners may by an order direct proceedings to procure a right-of-way over said tidelands or other lands to be brought in the superior court by the prosecuting attorney in the manner provided by law, for the taking of private property for public use, and to that end are hereby authorized to institute and maintain in the name of the county the proceedings provided by the laws of this state for the appropriation of lands and other property by counties for public use.
[ 1903 c 20 § 3; RRS § 9619.]