PDFRCW 88.28.050

Obstructing navigationPenalty.

Every person who shall in any manner obstruct the navigable portion or channel of any bay, harbor, or river or stream, within or bordering upon this state, navigable and generally used for the navigation of vessels, boats, or other watercrafts, or for the floating down of logs, cord wood, fencing posts or rails, shall, on conviction thereof, be fined in any sum not exceeding three hundred dollars: PROVIDED, That the placing of any mill dam or boom across a stream used for floating saw logs, cord wood, fencing posts or rails shall not be construed to be an obstruction to the navigation of such stream, if the same shall be so constructed as to allow the passage of boats, saw logs, cord wood, fencing posts or rails without unreasonable delay: PROVIDED FURTHER, That the obstruction of navigable waters for the purpose of deploying equipment to contain or clean up a spill of oil or other hazardous material shall not be considered an obstruction.
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