PDFRCW 88.46.030

Tank vessel inspection programs.

(1) All tank vessels entering the navigable waters of the state shall be subject to inspection to assure that they comply with all applicable federal and state standards.
(2) The department shall review the tank vessel inspection programs conducted by the United States coast guard and other federal agencies to determine if the programs as actually operated by those agencies provide the best achievable protection to the waters of the state. If the department determines that the tank vessel inspection programs conducted by these agencies are not adequate to protect the state's waters, it shall adopt rules for a state tank vessel inspection program. The department shall adopt rules providing for a random review of individual tank vessel inspections conducted by federal agencies. The department may accept a tank vessel inspection report issued by another state if that state's tank vessel inspection program is determined by the department to be at least as protective of the public health and the environment as the program adopted by the department.
(3) The state tank vessel inspection program shall ensure that all tank vessels entering state waters are inspected at least annually. To the maximum extent feasible, the state program shall consist of the monitoring of existing tank vessel inspection programs conducted by the federal government. The department shall consult with the coast guard regarding the tank vessel inspection program. Any tank vessel inspection conducted pursuant to this section shall be performed during the vessel's scheduled stay in port.
(4) Any violation of coast guard or other federal regulations uncovered during a state tank vessel inspection shall be immediately reported to the appropriate agency.
[ 2000 c 69 § 3; 1991 c 200 § 416.]