PDFRCW 88.46.062

Nonprofit corporation providing contingency planFindingsTermination of maritime commission.

(1) The legislature finds that there is a need to continue to provide oil spill response and contingency plan coverage for vessels that do not have their own contingency plans that transit the waters of this state. A nonprofit corporation shall be established for the sole purpose of providing oil spill response and contingency plan coverage in compliance with RCW 88.46.060.
(2) The maritime commission may conduct activities and make expenditures necessary for the transition of services presently provided by the commission and its contractors to the nonprofit corporation established pursuant to this section.
(3) Once the nonprofit corporation is established and the transfers under RCW 88.46.063 are completed, the maritime commission may cease operation.
[ 1995 c 148 § 1.]


Effective date1995 c 148 §§ 1-3: See note following RCW 88.46.060.