PDFRCW 88.46.068

Adequacy of contingency plansPractice drillsRules.

The department shall by rule adopt procedures to determine the adequacy of contingency plans approved under RCW 88.46.060. The rules shall require random practice drills without prior notice that will test the adequacy of the responding entities. The rules may provide for unannounced practice drills of individual contingency plans. The department shall review and publish a report on the drills, including an assessment of response time and available equipment and personnel compared to those listed in the contingency plans relying on the responding entities, and requirements, if any, for changes in the plans or their implementation. The department may require additional drills and changes in arrangements for implementing approved plans which are necessary to ensure their effective implementation.
[ 2006 c 316 § 4.]


Severability2006 c 316: See note following RCW 88.46.167.