PDFRCW 88.46.125

Emergency response systemFundingIntentFinding.

(1) It is the intent of the legislature to provide the various components of the maritime industry with the tools necessary to satisfy the requirements of RCW 88.46.130 in the most cost-effective manner. In doing, the legislature encourages, but does not mandate, the maritime industry to unite behind their mutual interests and responsibilities and identify or form a single umbrella organization that allows all affected covered vessels to equitably share the costs inherent in the implementation of RCW 88.46.130.
(2) The legislature further finds that, given the broad range of covered vessel types and sizes, an equitable sharing of the costs of implementing RCW 88.46.130 will likely mean that not all covered vessels will be responsible for providing the same amount of funding. Any umbrella organization that is identified or formed to satisfy the requirements of chapter 11, Laws of 2009 should consider the multitude of factors that comprise the risk of vessel emergencies and the likelihood of initiating a response from the emergency response vessel required by RCW 88.46.130.
(3) The legislature intends to provide the authority for any operator of a covered vessel that feels as though an umbrella organization that is identified, formed, or proposed for formation does not equitably share the costs of compliance with RCW 88.46.130 with the covered vessel in question, or the class of vessel to which the covered vessel belongs, to either contract directly with an adequate emergency response vessel or form or join a discreet umbrella organization representing the appropriate segment of the maritime industry. However, if the operator of a covered vessel chooses not to join a proposed or existing umbrella organization, or finds that negotiations leading to the formation of an umbrella organization are not progressing in an adequate manner, the legislature requests, but does not require, that the vessel operator contact the department and provide official notice of their concern as to how the umbrella group in question failed in establishing an equitable cost-share strategy.
(4) The department shall collect and maintain all notices received under this section and shall summarize any reports received by the operators of covered vessels and report the summation to the appropriate committees of the legislature upon request by a legislative committee.
[ 2009 c 11 § 4.]


FindingsIntent2009 c 11: See note following RCW 88.46.130.