PDFRCW 88.46.250

ModelAssessment of oil spill risks, emergency response towing vesselReport.

(1) The department must develop and maintain a model to quantitatively assess current and potential future risks of oil spills from covered vessels in Washington waters, as it conducts ongoing oil spill risk assessments. The department must consult with the United States coast guard, potentially affected federally recognized Indian treaty fishing tribes, other federally recognized treaty tribes with potentially affected interests, and stakeholders to: Determine model assumptions; develop scenarios to show the likely impacts of changes to model assumptions, including potential changes in vessel traffic, commodities transported, and vessel safety and risk reduction measures; and update the model periodically.
(2) Utilizing the model pursuant to subsection (1) of this section, the department must quantitatively assess whether an emergency response towing vessel serving Haro Strait, Boundary Pass, Rosario Strait, and connected navigable waterways will reduce oil spill risk. The department must report its findings to the legislature by September 1, 2023.
[ 2019 c 289 § 4.]


FindingIntent2019 c 289: See note following RCW 88.16.190.