PDFRCW 89.08.160

Appointment of supervisorsApplication to secretary of state.

If the commission finds the project practicable, it shall appoint two supervisors, one of whom shall be a landowner or operator of a farm, who shall be qualified by training and experience to perform the specialized skilled services required of them. They, with the three elected supervisors, two of whom shall be landowners or operators of a farm, shall constitute the governing board of the district.
The two appointed supervisors shall file with the secretary of state a sworn application, reciting that a petition was filed with the commission for the creation of the district; that all required proceedings were had thereon; that they were appointed by the commission as such supervisors; and that the application is being filed to complete the organization of the district. It shall contain the names and residences of the applicants, a certified copy of their appointments, the name of the district, the location of the office of the supervisors and the term of office of each applicant.
The application shall be accompanied by a statement of the commission, reciting that a petition was filed, notice issued, and hearing held thereon as required; that it determined the need for the district and defined the boundaries thereof; that notice was given and an election held on the question of creating the district; that a majority vote favored the district, and that the commission had determined the district practicable; and shall set forth the boundaries of the district.
[ 1973 1st ex.s. c 184 § 17; 1955 c 304 § 16. Prior: 1939 c 187 § 5, part; RRS § 10726-5, part.]