PDFRCW 89.16.055

Additional powers and duties enumeratedPayment for from reclamation account.

In addition to the powers provided in RCW 89.16.050, the department of ecology is authorized and empowered to:
(1) Conduct surveys, studies, investigations, and water right examinations for proposed reclamation projects or the rehabilitation of existing reclamation projects that may be funded fully or partially from the receipts of the sale of bonds issued by the state of Washington.
(2) Support the preparation for and administration of proceedings, provided in RCW 90.03.110 or 90.44.220, or both, pertaining to river systems or other water bodies that are associated with existing or proposed reclamation projects.
(3) Conduct a regulatory program for well construction as provided in chapter 18.104 RCW.
Funds of the account established by RCW 89.16.020 may, as appropriated by the legislature, be used in relation to the powers provided in this section, notwithstanding any other provisions of chapter 89.16 RCW that may be to the contrary.
[ 1993 c 387 § 27; 1981 c 216 § 1.]


Effective date1993 c 387: See RCW 18.104.930.