PDFRCW 89.30.121

District is political subdivision.

Reclamation districts created under this chapter shall be political subdivisions of the state and shall be held and construed to be municipal corporations within the provisions of the state Constitution relating to exemptions from taxation and within the provisions relating to the debt limits of municipal corporations: PROVIDED, That nothing herein contained shall be construed as a limitation on general improvement and divisional districts, authorized herein, to contract obligations.
[ 1967 c 164 § 10; 1927 c 254 § 41; RRS § 7402-41. Formerly RCW 89.20.070.]


PurposeSeverability1967 c 164: See notes following RCW 4.96.010.
Tortious conduct of political subdivisions, municipal corporations and quasi municipal corporations, liability for damages: Chapter 4.96 RCW.