PDFRCW 89.30.703

Delinquency and sale in general improvement and divisional districtsReconveyance to person entitled to redemption, when.

When lands have been deeded by the county treasurer to the reclamation district on account of delinquent assessments, if title shall remain vested in the district and if in the judgment of the board of directors said sale for delinquent assessments shall have resulted from unavoidable accident, inadvertency or misfortune and without intent of the owner or persons entitled to make redemption, to permit said assessments to become delinquent and the land to be sold, the board of directors may, pursuant to an order entered upon the minutes of the board, cause said land to be reconveyed to the owner or person entitled to redemption within the period of one year after deed is issued, upon the payment by said owner or person who would have been entitled to make redemption before issuance of deed, of the total amount of assessments, interest and costs, subsequent assessments and an additional penalty of twenty-five percent of the amount for which the land was sold: PROVIDED, That nothing herein contained shall be construed to prevent the district from selling or leasing property acquired at sales for delinquent assessments immediately after the deed has been delivered to the district.
[ 1927 c 254 § 235; RRS § 7402-235. Formerly RCW 89.28.850.]