PDFRCW 90.03.240

Determination of water rightsCertificate of adjudicated water rightNoticeFees.

Upon the court's final determination of the rights to water, the department shall issue to each person entitled to a water right by such a determination, a certificate of adjudicated water right, setting forth the name and mailing address of record with the court of such person; the priority and purpose of the right; the period during which said right may be exercised, the point of diversion or withdrawal, and the place of use; the land to which said water right is appurtenant; the maximum annual and instantaneous quantities of water allowed; and specific provisions or limitations or both under which the water right has been confirmed.
The department shall provide notice to the water right holder that the certificate has been prepared for issuance and that fees for the issuance of the certificate are due in accordance with RCW 90.03.470 and any other applicable fee schedule. If the water right holder fails to submit the required fees within one year from the date the notice was issued by the department, the department may move the court for sanctions for violation of the court's order in the final decree requiring payment.
[ 2009 c 332 s 15; 1987 c 109 s 82; 1917 c 117 s 26; RRS s 7377. Formerly RCW 90.12.140.]


Application2009 c 332: See note following RCW 90.03.110.
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