PDFRCW 90.14.180

Relinquishment of right for abandonment or failure to beneficially use without sufficient causeFuture rights acquired through appropriation.

Any person hereafter entitled to divert or withdraw waters of the state through an appropriation authorized under RCW 90.03.330, 90.44.080, or 90.44.090 who abandons the same, or who voluntarily fails, without sufficient cause, to beneficially use all or any part of said right to withdraw for any period of five successive years shall relinquish such right or portion thereof, and such right or portion thereof shall revert to the state, and the waters affected by said right shall become available for appropriation in accordance with RCW 90.03.250. All certificates hereafter issued by the department of ecology pursuant to RCW 90.03.330 shall expressly incorporate this section by reference.
[ 1987 c 109 s 101; 1967 c 233 s 18.]


PurposeShort titleConstructionRulesSeverabilityCaptions1987 c 109: See notes following RCW 43.21B.001.
Application to Yakima river basin trust water rights: RCW 90.38.040.
Availability for other uses qualified: RCW 90.14.160.
Implementation and enforcement of chapterApplication of RCW sections to specific proceedings: RCW 90.14.200.