PDFRCW 90.16.025

Appropriation for industrial purposesProcedure.

The mode of proceeding to appropriate, take possession of and divert such waters and to build such dam, canal, ditch, reservoir, pipe, flume, or aqueduct, as prescribed in RCW 90.16.020, when the parties cannot agree upon the purchase thereof, shall be the same as prescribed in chapter four of an act to provide for the formation of corporations, approved November thirteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, except that the amount of the benefits accruing to the residue of the property of the same individual or corporation, by reason of the use made of that taken, to be estimated by the parties assessing the damages, shall be deducted from the value of the property taken.
[Code 1881 Bagley's Supp. p 39 § 2; 1879 p 125 § 2.]