PDFRCW 90.16.090

Disposition of fees.

(1) All fees paid under provisions of this chapter, shall be credited by the state treasurer to the reclamation account created in RCW 89.16.020 and subject to legislative appropriation, be allocated and expended by the director of ecology for:
(a) Investigations and surveys of natural resources in cooperation with the federal government, or independently thereof, including stream gaging, hydrographic, topographic, river, underground water, mineral and geological surveys; and
(b) Expenses associated with staff at the departments of ecology and fish and wildlife working on federal energy regulatory commission relicensing and license implementation.
(2) Unless otherwise required by the omnibus biennial appropriations acts, the expenditures for these purposes must be proportional to the revenues collected under RCW 90.16.050(1).
[ 2007 c 286 § 2; 1988 c 127 § 79; 1973 c 106 § 39; 1939 c 209 § 1; 1929 c 105 § 3; RRS § 11575-3.]