PDFRCW 90.24.050

Devices to protect the fishCostSpecial fund.

In the event the court shall find that to protect fish and game fish in said lake that fish ladders or other devices should be constructed therein or that other construction shall be necessary in order to maintain the determined lake level, the court shall find the proper device to be constructed, the probable cost thereof and by its order and judgment shall apportion the cost thereof among the persons whose property abuts on said lake in proportion to the lineal feet of waterfront owned by each, which sum so found shall constitute a lien against said real property and shall be paid to the county treasurer and by him or her placed in a special fund to be known as "Lake . . . . . . Improvement Fund." The director of ecology shall appoint a suitable person to be compensated by the property owners to regulate the determined level as decreed by the court.
[ 2013 c 23 § 610; 1988 c 127 § 82; 1939 c 107 § 6; RRS § 7388-5.]