PDFRCW 90.24.066

Jurisdiction over weed control.

A superior court may continue its jurisdiction over weed control in those lakes that had been under the court's jurisdiction for such purposes prior to July 28, 1985. The continuing jurisdiction of a superior court for such weed control purposes shall be subject to the provisions of chapter 90.24 RCW in the same manner as the continuing jurisdiction of a superior court over the maintenance of lake water levels.
The superior court shall hold hearings under RCW 90.24.040 whenever subsequent petitions are filed with it concerning weed control on a lake over which it has continuing jurisdiction for weed control purposes. If the court finds that the weed control proposals are in the best interests of the abutting property owners, it shall determine what measures should be taken to accomplish these objectives, the probable annual cost thereof, and by its order apportion the cost among the persons whose property abuts on the lake in proportion to the lineal feet of waterfront owned by each, which sum shall constitute a lien against the real property. Payments of these sums shall be made to the county treasurer who shall place these payments into a special fund to be known as "Lake . . . . . . weed removal fund." The court shall appoint a suitable person, to be compensated by the property owners, to undertake weed control activities as decreed by the court.
[ 1988 c 133 s 1.]