PDFRCW 90.36.010

Right-of-way to wells.

Any person who may be entitled to water from any artesian well shall have the right to condemn the right-of-way for a ditch to convey such water for the purpose of irrigation over the lands intervening between such well and the place where the party owning such water wishes to use the same, and such right-of-way may be condemned sufficient for the purposes of conveying the water, together with the right of ingress and egress, to construct, maintain and repair said ditch, *as is hereinafter provided for in this act.
[ 1890 p 711 § 18; RRS § 7403.]


*Reviser's note: The language "as is hereinafter provided for in this act" refers to 1889-90 pp 706-728 §§ 1-67 which has since been repealed with the exception of those sections now codified as RCW 90.28.030 and 90.28.040. Compare the provisions of later enactment in chapter 90.03 RCW.