PDFRCW 90.36.020

Flow limited during certain periodExceptions.

It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, corporation or company having possession or control of any artesian well within the state, whether as contractor, owner, lessee, agent or manager, to allow or permit water to flow or escape from such well between the fifteenth day of October in any year and the fifteenth day of March next ensuing; PROVIDED, That *this act shall only apply to sections and communities wherein the use of water for the purpose of irrigation is necessary or customary; and PROVIDED FURTHER, That nothing herein contained shall prevent or prohibit the use of water from any such well between said fifteenth day of October and the fifteenth day of March next ensuing, for household, stock and domestic purposes only, water for said last named purposes to be taken from such well through a three-quarters inch stop and waste cock to be inserted in the piping of such well for that purpose.
[ 1929 c 138 s 1; 1901 c 121 s 1; RRS s 7404.]


*Reviser's note: "this act" refers to 1901 c 121 codified in RCW 90.36.020 through 90.36.050.