PDFRCW 90.36.040

Right of neighboring owner to cap wellLien.

Whenever any person, firm, corporation or company in possession or control of an artesian well shall fail to comply with the provisions of *this act, any person, firm, corporation or company lawfully in the possession of land situate adjacent to or in the vicinity or neighborhood of such well and within five miles thereof may enter upon the land upon which such well is situate, and take possession of such from which water is allowed to flow or escape in violation of the provisions of RCW 90.36.020, and cap such well and shut in and secure the flow or escape of water therefrom, and the necessary expenses incurred in so doing shall constitute a lien upon said well, and a sufficient quantity of land surrounding the same for the convenient use and operation thereof, which lien may be foreclosed in a civil action in any court of competent jurisdiction, and the court in any such case shall allow the plaintiff a reasonable attorney's fee to be taxed as a part of the cost. This shall be in addition to the penalty provided for in RCW 90.36.050.
[ 1901 c 121 § 4; RRS § 7407.]


*Reviser's note: "this act," see note following RCW 90.36.020.