Chapter 90.38 RCW



HTMLPDF 90.38.005FindingsPurpose.
HTMLPDF 90.38.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 90.38.020Acquisition or donation of trust water rights.
HTMLPDF 90.38.030Water conservation projectsContracts for financial assistance.
HTMLPDF 90.38.040Trust water rights program.
HTMLPDF 90.38.050Rules.
HTMLPDF 90.38.060Integrated water resource management plan.
HTMLPDF 90.38.070Yakima integrated plan implementation account.
HTMLPDF 90.38.080Yakima integrated plan implementation taxable bond account.
HTMLPDF 90.38.090Yakima integrated plan implementation revenue recovery account.
HTMLPDF 90.38.100Report to the legislature and governor.
HTMLPDF 90.38.110Construction of a water supply projectPrior review by the state of Washington water research center.
HTMLPDF 90.38.120Legislative intentCost to implement the integrated plan.
HTMLPDF 90.38.130Authorization to purchase landManagement and disposal of land.
HTMLPDF 90.38.900Existing policies not replaced.
HTMLPDF 90.38.901Transfer of rights between irrigation districts not intended.
HTMLPDF 90.38.902Existing rights not impaired.