PDFRCW 90.38.030

Water conservation projectsContracts for financial assistance.

(1) For the purposes of this chapter, the department is authorized to enter into contracts with water users for the purpose of providing moneys to users to assist in the financing of water conservation projects. In exchange for the financial assistance provided for the purposes of this chapter, the water users shall convey the trust water rights, created as a result of the assistance, to the department of ecology.
(2) No contract shall be entered into by the department with a water user under this chapter unless it appears to the department that, upon the completion of a water conservation project financed with moneys as provided in this section, a valid water right exists for conveyance to the department.
(3) The department shall cooperate fully with the United States in the implementation of this chapter. Trust water rights may be acquired through expenditure of funds provided by the United States and shall be treated in the same manner as trust water rights resulting from the expenditure of state funds.
(4) When water is proposed to be acquired by or conveyed to the department as a trust water right by an irrigation district, evidence of the district's authority to represent the water right holders must be submitted to, and for the satisfaction of, the department.
(5) The department shall not acquire an individual's water right under this chapter that is appurtenant to land lying within an irrigation district without the approval of the board of directors of the irrigation district.
[ 1989 c 429 s 4.]