PDFRCW 90.42.030

Contracts to finance water conservation projectsPublic benefitsTrust water rights.

(1) For purposes of this chapter, the state may enter into contracts to provide moneys to assist in the financing of water conservation projects. In consideration for the financial assistance provided, the state shall obtain public benefits defined in guidelines developed under RCW 90.42.050.
(2) If the public benefits to be obtained require conveyance or modification of a water right, the recipient of funds shall convey to the state the recipient's interest in that part of the water right or claim constituting all or a portion of the resulting net water savings for deposit in the trust water rights program. The amount to be conveyed shall be finitely determined by the parties, in accordance with the guidelines developed under RCW 90.42.050, before the expenditure of state funds. Conveyance may consist of complete transfer, lease contracts, or other legally binding agreements. When negotiating for the acquisition of conserved water or net water savings, or a portion thereof, the state may require evidence of a valid water right.
(3) As part of the contract, the water right holder and the state shall specify the process to determine the amount of water the water right holder would continue to be entitled to once the water conservation project is in place.
(4) The state shall cooperate fully with the United States in the implementation of this chapter. Trust water rights may be acquired through expenditure of funds provided by the United States and shall be treated in the same manner as trust water rights resulting from the expenditure of state funds.
(5) If water is proposed to be acquired by or conveyed to the state as a trust water right by an irrigation district, evidence of the district's authority to represent the water right holders shall be submitted to and for the satisfaction of the department.
(6) The state shall not contract with any person to acquire a water right served by an irrigation district without the approval of the board of directors of the irrigation district. Disapproval by a board shall be factually based on probable adverse effects on the ability of the district to deliver water to other members or on maintenance of the financial integrity of the district.
[ 1993 c 98 § 2; 1991 c 347 § 7.]


Purposes1991 c 347: See note following RCW 90.42.005.