PDFRCW 90.42.135

Limitations of act2003 c 144.

Nothing in chapter 144, Laws of 2003 shall:
(1) Cause detriment or injury to existing rights or to the operation of the federal Yakima project to provide water for irrigation purposes, existing water supply contracts, or existing water rights;
(2) Diminish in any way existing rights or the total water supply available for irrigation and other purposes in the Yakima basin;
(3) Affect or modify the authority of a court conducting a general adjudication pursuant to RCW 90.03.210; or
(4) Affect or modify the rights of any person or entity under a water rights adjudication or under any order of the court conducting a water rights adjudication.
[ 2003 c 144 § 6.]


Effective date2003 c 144: See note following RCW 90.42.005.