PDFRCW 90.44.410

Requirements for groundwater management programsReview of programs.

(1) The groundwater area or sub-area management programs shall include:
(a) A description of the specific groundwater area or sub-areas, or separate depth zones within any such area or sub-area, and the relationship of this zone or area to the land use management responsibilities of county government;
(b) A management program based on long-term monitoring and resource management objectives for the area or sub-area;
(c) Identification of water resources and the allocation of the resources to meet state and local needs;
(d) Projection of water supply needs for existing and future identified user groups and beneficial uses;
(e) Identification of water resource management policies and/or practices that may impact the recharge of the designated area or policies that may affect the safe yield and quantity of water available for future appropriation;
(f) Identification of land use and other activities that may impact the quality and efficient use of the groundwater, including domestic, industrial, solid, and other waste disposal, underground storage facilities, or stormwater management practices;
(g) The design of the program necessary to manage the resource to assure long-term benefits to the citizens of the state;
(h) Identification of water quality objectives for the aquifer system which recognize existing and future uses of the aquifer and that are in accordance with department of ecology and department of social and health services drinking and surface water quality standards;
(i) Long-term policies and construction practices necessary to protect existing water rights and subsequent facilities installed in accordance with the groundwater area or sub-area management programs and/or other water right procedures;
(j) Annual withdrawal rates and safe yield guidelines which are directed by the long-term management programs that recognize annual variations in aquifer recharge;
(k) A description of conditions and potential conflicts and identification of a program to resolve conflicts with existing water rights;
(l) Alternative management programs to meet future needs and existing conditions, including water conservation plans; and
(m) A process for the periodic review of the groundwater management program and monitoring of the implementation of the program.
(2) The groundwater area or sub-area management programs shall be submitted for review in accordance with the state environmental policy act.
[ 1988 c 186 § 1; 1985 c 453 § 2.]


Effective date1988 c 186 § 1: "Section 1 of this act shall take effect June 30, 1998." [ 1988 c 186 § 2.]