PDFRCW 90.44.420

Groundwater management programsConsideration by department of ecologyPublic hearingFindingsAdoption of regulations, ordinances, and programs.

The department of ecology shall consider the groundwater area or sub-area management plan for adoption in accordance with this chapter and chapter 90.54 RCW.
Upon completion of the groundwater area or sub-area management program, the department of ecology shall hold a public hearing within the designated groundwater management area for the purpose of taking public testimony on the proposed program. Following the public hearing, the department of ecology and affected local governments shall (1) prepare findings which either provide for the subsequent adoption of the program as proposed or identify the revisions necessary to ensure that the program is consistent with the intent of this chapter, and (2) adopt regulations, ordinances, and/or programs for implementing those provisions of the groundwater management program which are within their respective jurisdictional authorities.
[ 1985 c 453 s 3.]