PDFRCW 90.46.100

Discharge of reclaimed water for streamflow augmentation.

(1) Reclaimed water intended for beneficial reuse may be discharged for streamflow augmentation provided the reclaimed water meets the requirements of the federal water pollution control act, chapter 90.48 RCW, and is incorporated into a sewer or water comprehensive plan, as applicable, adopted by the applicable local government and approved by the department of health or department of ecology as applicable.
(2) Standards adopted under this section are superseded by any rules adopted by the department of ecology pursuant to RCW 90.46.015 as they relate to discharge of reclaimed water for streamflow augmentation.
[ 2006 c 279 § 11; 1995 c 342 § 5.]


ConstructionEffective date1995 c 342: See notes following RCW 90.46.005.