PDFRCW 90.46.110

Reclaimed water demonstration programDemonstration projects.

(1) The department of ecology shall establish and administer a reclaimed water demonstration program for the purposes of funding and monitoring the progress of five demonstration projects. The department shall work in cooperation with the department of health.
(2) The five demonstration projects will be:
(a) The city of Ephrata, to use class A reclaimed water for surface spreading that will recharge the groundwater and reduce the nitrate concentrations that currently exceed drinking water standards in domestic wells;
(b) Lincoln county, for a study of the use of reclaimed water to transport twenty-two million gallons a day from Spokane to water sources that will rehydrate and restore long depleted streambeds;
(c) The city of Royal City to replace an interim emergency sprayfield by using one hundred percent of its discharge as class A reclaimed water to enhance local wetlands and lakes in the winter, and potentially irrigate a golf course;
(d) The city of Sequim to implement a tertiary treatment system and reuse one hundred percent of the city's wastewater to reopen an existing shellfish closure area to benefit state and tribal resources, improve streamflows in the Dungeness river, and provide a sustainable water supply for irrigation purposes;
(e) The city of Yelm to use one hundred percent of its wastewater to provide alternative water supply for irrigation and industrial uses in order to offset increased demand for water supply, to protect the Nisqually river chum salmon runs, and to develop experimental artificial wetlands to test low cost treatment options.
(3) By September 30, 1997, the department of ecology shall enter into a grant agreement with the demonstration project jurisdictions that includes reporting requirements, timelines, and a fund disbursement schedule based on the agreed project milestones.
(4) Upon completion of the projects, the department of ecology shall report to the appropriate committees of the legislature on the results of the program.
(5) Demonstration projects which will discharge or otherwise deliver reclaimed water to federal reclamation project facilities or irrigation district facilities shall meet the requirements of the facilities' operating entity for such discharges or deliveries.
(6) No irrigation district, its directors, officers, employees, or agents operating and maintaining irrigation works for any purpose authorized by law, including the production of food for human consumption and other agricultural and domestic purposes, is liable for damages to persons or property arising from the implementation of the demonstration projects in this section.
[ 1997 c 355 § 2.]