PDFRCW 90.46.140

Greywater reuseStandards, procedures, and guidelinesRules.

(1) The department of health shall develop standards, procedures, and guidelines for the reuse of greywater, consistent with RCW 43.20.230(2), by January 1, 1998.
(2) Standards, procedures, and guidelines developed by the department of health for reuse of greywater shall encourage the application of this technology for conserving water resources, or reducing the wastewater load, on domestic wastewater facilities, individual on-site sewage treatment and disposal systems, or community on-site sewage treatment and disposal systems.
(3) The department of health and local health officers may permit the reuse of greywater according to rules adopted by the department of health.
[ 1997 c 444 § 8.]


Severability1997 c 444: See note following RCW 90.46.010.