PDFRCW 90.46.160

Industrial reuse waterPermit.

(1) The permit to use industrial reuse water shall be the permit issued under chapter 90.48 RCW to the owner of the plant that is the source of the industrial process water, who may then distribute the water according to provisions in the permit governing the location, rate, water quality, and purpose. In cases where the department of ecology determines that a proposed use may pose a significant risk to public health, the department shall refer the permit application to the department of health for review and consultation.
(2) The owner of the industrial plant who obtains a permit under this section has the exclusive right to the use of any industrial reuse water generated from the plant and to the distribution of such water. Use and distribution of the water by the owner is exempt from the permit requirements of RCW 90.03.250, 90.03.380, 90.44.060, and 90.44.100.
(3) Nothing in this section affects any right to reuse industrial process water in existence on or before June 13, 2002.
[ 2002 c 329 § 6.]