PDFRCW 90.46.230

Right to enter and inspect property related to the purpose of the permitAdministrative search warrant.

(1)(a) Except as otherwise provided in (b) of this subsection, the lead agency or its designee shall have the right to enter and inspect any property related to the purpose of the permit, public or private, at reasonable times with prior notification in order to determine compliance with laws and rules administered by the lead agency. During such inspections, the lead agency shall have free and unimpeded access to all data, facilities, and property involved in the generation, distribution, and use of reclaimed water.
(b) The lead agency or its designee need not give prior notification to enter property under (a) of this subsection if the purpose of the entry is to ensure compliance by the permittee with a prior order of the lead agency or if the lead agency or its designee has reasonable cause to believe there is a violation of the law that poses a serious threat to public health and safety or the environment.
(2) The lead agency or its designee may apply for an administrative search warrant to a court of competent jurisdiction and an administrative search warrant may issue where:
(a) The lead agency has attempted an inspection under this chapter and access has been actually or constructively denied; or
(b) There is reasonable cause to believe that a violation of this chapter or rules adopted under this chapter is occurring or has occurred.
[ 2009 c 456 § 10.]