PDFRCW 90.50A.040

Administration of fund.

Moneys deposited in the water pollution control revolving fund shall be administered by the department. In administering the fund, the department shall:
(1) Consistent with RCW 90.50A.030 and 90.50A.080, allocate funds for loans in accordance with the annual project priority list in accordance with the clean water act;
(2) Use accounting, audit, and fiscal procedures that conform to generally accepted government accounting standards;
(3) Prepare any reports required by the federal government as a condition to awarding federal capitalization grants;
(4) Adopt by rule any procedures or standards necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter;
(5) Enter into agreements with the federal environmental protection agency;
(6) Cooperate with local, substate regional, and interstate entities regarding state assessment reports and state management programs related to the nonpoint source management programs as noted in the clean water act;
(7) Comply with provisions of the clean water act; and
(8) After January 1, 2010, not provide funding for projects designed to address the restoration of Puget Sound that are in conflict with the action agenda developed by the Puget Sound partnership under RCW 90.71.310.
[ 2016 c 88 § 4; 2007 c 341 § 39; 1988 c 284 § 5.]


Effective date2007 c 341: See RCW 90.71.907.