PDFRCW 90.54.170

Electric generation facilityEvaluation of application to appropriate water.

In addition to other requirements of this chapter, when the proposed water resource development project involves a new water supply combined with an electric generation facility where such electricity generated may be sold to an entity authorized by law to distribute electricity, the department shall evaluate and utilize, in connection with any application to appropriate water pursuant to the water code, chapter 90.03 RCW, sufficient information furnished by the project applicant regarding the need for the project, alternative means of serving the purposes of the project, the cumulative effects of the project and similar projects that are built, under construction or permitted in the relevant river basin or basins, the impact, if any, on flood control plans and an estimate of the impact, if any, of the sale of the project's electricity on the rates of utility customers of the Bonneville power administration. Such information shall be furnished at the project applicant's own cost and expense.
[ 1985 c 444 § 6.]


IntentConstructionSeverability1985 c 444: See notes following RCW 35.92.010.