PDFRCW 90.56.020

Director responsible for spill response.

Except as otherwise specifically provided in this chapter or other law, the director has the primary authority, in conformance with the statewide master oil and hazardous substance spill prevention and contingency plan adopted pursuant to RCW 90.56.060 and any applicable contingency plans prepared pursuant to this chapter and chapter 88.46 RCW, to oversee prevention, abatement, response, containment, and cleanup efforts with regard to any oil or hazardous substance spill in the navigable waters of the state. The director is the head of the state incident command system in response to a spill of oil or hazardous substances and shall coordinate the response efforts of all state agencies and local emergency response personnel. If a discharge of oil or hazardous substances is subject to the national contingency plan, in responding to the discharge, the director shall to the greatest extent practicable act in accordance with the national contingency plan and cooperate with the federal on-scene coordinator or other federal agency or official exercising authority under the national contingency plan.
[ 1991 c 200 § 103.]