PDFRCW 90.56.230

Operations manuals.

(1) Each owner or operator of an onshore or offshore facility shall prepare an operations manual describing equipment and procedures involving the transfer, storage, and handling of oil that the operator employs or will employ for best achievable protection for the public health and the environment and to prevent oil spills in the navigable waters. The operations manual shall also describe equipment and procedures required for all vessels to or from which oil is transferred through use of the facility. The operations manual shall be submitted to the department for approval.
(2) Every existing onshore and offshore facility shall prepare and submit to the department its operations manual within eighteen months after the department has adopted rules governing the content of the manual.
(3) The department shall approve an operations manual for an onshore or offshore facility if the manual complies with the rules adopted by the department. If the department determines a manual does not comply with the rules, it shall provide written reasons for the decision. The owner or operator shall resubmit the manual within ninety days of notification of the reasons for noncompliance, responding to the reasons and incorporating any suggested modifications.
(4) The approval of an operations manual shall be valid for five years. The owner or operator of the facility shall notify the department in writing immediately of any significant change in its operations affecting its operations manual. The department may require the owner or operator to modify its operations manual as a result of these changes.
(5) All equipment and operations of an operator's onshore or offshore facility shall be maintained and carried out in accordance with the facility's operations manual. The owner or operator of the facility shall ensure that all covered vessels docked at an onshore or offshore facility comply with the terms of the operations manual for the facility.
[ 1991 c 200 § 204.]