PDFRCW 90.58.250

IntentDepartment to cooperate with local governmentsGrants for development of master programs.

(1) The legislature intends to eliminate the limits on state funding of shoreline master program development and amendment costs. The legislature further intends that the state will provide funding to local governments that is reasonable and adequate to accomplish the costs of developing and amending shoreline master programs consistent with the schedule established by RCW 90.58.080. Except as specifically described herein, nothing in chapter 262, Laws of 2003 is intended to alter the existing obligation, duties, and benefits provided by chapter 262, Laws of 2003 to local governments and the department.
(2) The department is directed to cooperate fully with local governments in discharging their responsibilities under this chapter. Funds shall be available for distribution to local governments on the basis of applications for preparation of master programs and the provisions of RCW 90.58.080(7). Such applications shall be submitted in accordance with regulations developed by the department. The department is authorized to make and administer grants within appropriations authorized by the legislature to any local government within the state for the purpose of developing a master shorelines program.
[ 2003 c 262 s 3; 1971 ex.s. c 286 s 25.]