PDFRCW 90.58.310

Designation of shorelines of statewide significance by legislatureRecommendation by director, procedure.

Additional shorelines of the state shall be designated shorelines of statewide significance only by affirmative action of the legislature.
The director of the department may, however, from time to time, recommend to the legislature areas of the shorelines of the state which have statewide significance relating to special economic, ecological, educational, developmental, recreational, or aesthetic values to be designated as shorelines of statewide significance.
Prior to making any such recommendation the director shall hold a public hearing in the county or counties where the shoreline under consideration is located. It shall be the duty of the county commissioners of each county where such a hearing is conducted to submit their views with regard to a proposed designation to the director at such date as the director determines but in no event shall the date be later than sixty days after the public hearing in the county.
[ 1971 ex.s. c 286 § 31.]