PDFRCW 90.64.050

Duties of departmentAnnual report to commission.

(1) The department has the following duties:
(a) Identify existing or potential water quality problems resulting from dairy farms through implementation of the inspection program in RCW 90.64.023;
(b) Inspect a dairy farm upon the request of a dairy producer;
(c) Receive, process, and verify complaints concerning discharge of pollutants from all dairy farms;
(d) Determine if a dairy-related water quality problem requires immediate corrective action under the Washington state water pollution control laws, chapter 90.48 RCW, or the Washington state water quality standards adopted under chapter 90.48 RCW. The department shall maintain the lead enforcement responsibility;
(e) Administer and enforce national pollutant discharge elimination system permits for operators of concentrated dairy animal feeding operations, where required by federal regulations and state laws or upon request of a dairy producer;
(f) Participate on the *advisory and oversight committee;
(g) Encourage communication and cooperation between local department personnel and the appropriate conservation district personnel;
(h) Require the use of dairy nutrient management plans as required under this chapter for entities required to plan under this chapter; and
(i) Provide to the commission and the *advisory and oversight committee an annual report of dairy farm inspection and enforcement activities.
(2) The department may not delegate its responsibilities in enforcement.
[ 1998 c 262 § 12; 1993 c 221 § 6.]


*Reviser's note: The dairy nutrient management program advisory and oversight committee was created in section 8, chapter 262, Laws of 1998, which was vetoed.