PDFRCW 90.64.130


(1) By October 1, 1998, the department, in consultation with the *advisory and oversight committee, shall develop and maintain a database to account for the implementation of this chapter.
(2) The database shall track registrations; inspection dates and results, including findings of violations; regulatory and enforcement actions; and the status of dairy nutrient management plans. In addition, the number of dairy farm inspections by inspector shall be tallied by month. A summary of database information shall be provided quarterly to the *advisory and oversight committee.
(3) Any information entered into the database by the department about any aspect of a particular dairy operation may be reviewed by the affected dairy producer upon request. The department shall correct any information in the database upon a showing that the information is faulty or inaccurate. Complaints that have been filed with the department and determined to be unfounded, invalid, or without merit shall not be recorded in the database. Appeals of decisions related to dairy nutrient management plans to the pollution control hearings board or to any court shall be recorded, as well as the decisions of those bodies.
[ 1998 c 262 § 9.]


*Reviser's note: The dairy nutrient management program advisory and oversight committee was created in section 8, chapter 262, Laws of 1998, which was vetoed.